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1) Recording a Video from a Game
For recording a video game, you have to first choose a hotkey for enabling this feature. You can do this simply by going to “movies” tab in fraps and then set the hotkey. For changing it, click on the box labeled “Video Capture Hotkey” and then press the desired that you want to set as hotkey. When you are playing your game, simply press the hotkey, and it will start recording the video. You can also adjust the video capture settings and the frame rate per second.
2) Frame Rate information
Choose the FPS tab from the top of Fraps window, and look for a yellow “99”. From here you can see the options for Fraps benchmarking and the frame rate overlay functions. The frame rate is basically a measure of how fast your game is running. These are measured on the basis of frames per second. Just as you set the hotkey for video, you can also set it for benchmarking.
3) Screenshots
The last feature of fraps is taking screenshot. You can set a hotkey for this feature as well. The free version can only give BMP formats, but with access to the full version, you can also get screenshots in PNG, TGA and JPG formats.
Important Tips for using Fraps
When using the paid version, I would recommend you using a time for keeping a track of what is the length of your video, especially when you are uploading videos.
The video file has usually a high file size. So, do shrink it from your favorite video editing software before uploading to Youtube or any other platform.
I hope the guide was helpful, and you were successful in gaining access to the fraps crack for absolutely free. Do leave your feedback in comments.