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Fraps Crack Version 3.5.99 – Full Cracked Download

Last Update March 28th, 2016 Ask any successful YouTube star and they’ll tell you that the best software for recording gameplay is without a doubt Fraps (if you don’t want to read this long article and you want to download right now fraps crack scroll down to the download button ). The software is a well-known secret in the industry, providing the most efficient video recording utility. However, as you might already be aware, Fraps is still a pretty expensive piece of software, which isn’t exactly very practical for those new to recording gameplay or just anyone on a budget.

That’s where Fraps Cracked comes in – it provides a 100% free way to get your hands on the latest version . Whether you’re looking to just have a play around with the software or need something to use on a longer term you’ll find it on this website. This software certainly sounds like a promising prospect and we’d definitely agree. With that in mind, this article will take a closer look at how to download for free the crack for Fraps.

What It’s This Awesome Tool ?

We’ve already touched on exactly what Fraps is , it’s a Windows application that is designed to be used with both DirectX and OpenGL games. At its core, Fraps provides a range of different utilities that are useful for using with video games. The most prominent of those features is scree capturing software. Fraps basically allows users to capture images or a video of whatever is happening on their screen. As you can likely imagine, this is a particularly useful feature for those who share video game gameplay videos online.

Fraps 3.5.9 Full CrackedUnlike other similar pieces of software, Fraps is designed specifically for recording video games. This is especially prevalent through the software’s real time video capture software, with Fraps able to capture both audio and video up to a resolution of 7680×4800 – with the ability to change the software’s recording frame rate between 1 and 120 frames per second.

Fraps isn’t all about recording though, it’s also primarily designed to provide benchmarking functionality for gamers. This means that the software can show how many frames per second (FPS) a game is running at and measure those results against other results. For gamers that are truly looking to get the most out of their hardware, we’d definitely say that a constant reminder of their frame rate is going to come in handy. There’s no need to worry about Fraps slowing down your computer though, it silently runs in the background. Click on the button below if you want to start the download of the fraps crack , for more details about how to install it you can scroll down to the bottom of the page !

Please NOTE :
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Why choose Fraps Crack?

As aforementioned, Fraps is undeniably a fantastic piece of software and a favourite amongst many who share video content online. However, it’s also pretty expensive and that’s where Fraps Cracked, this fantastic alternative comes in. It’s 100% free and unlike many other cracks you’ll find online, actually works. In fact, in our search for other free versions of Fraps, we have found plenty of alternatives. However, there’s a good chance that these alternatives also come with a fair amount of malicious software packaged. We’re 100% confident that’s not the case with this 100% legitimate Fraps crack.

fraps crackedOne of the other great things about this tool is that just because you’re using a cracked version of the software, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise in terms of the version of the software you’re using. You’ll likely find that many cracked versions of Fraps available online are actually a much older version of the software. However, Fraps Cracked comes in at version number 3.5.99 – which as regular users of Fraps will know is the latest version of the software. Plus, the crack is regularly updated so you’re never going to be too far behind users of the main Fraps software.Oh I forget to tell you about the Fraps for mac version but in case you need it or you have a friend who was a MAC desktop don’t forget to tell him that you founded a very insterting website for him , for more details about how you can obtain a free copy of this awesome software you can find out on this website .

As aforementioned, there’s plenty of alternatives out there when it comes to cracked versions of Fraps, however, the simple truth is that many of them either don’t work or aren’t completely safe for use on your computer. This Fraps Cracked comes from a completely trusted developer and already has a pretty large number of users. If you’re looking for a cracked version of Fraps that you know you can trust, you’ll definitely find it here.For more information about how to set up Fraps and make the best settings to record at the top quality you shoud visit this website 

Download now Fraps Cracked

If you’re looking to take advantage of the fantastic piece of software that is Fraps but don’t particularly fancy shelling out the software’s high price point, Fraps Crack is the exact piece of software that you’re looking for. It’s completely free to download and you can do so from our website . Plus, the fact that the software is completely legitimate and free of any malicious software means that you can use it with confidence. Simply put, getting started in terms of recording video game gameplay shouldn’t be expensive and it shouldn’t be difficult either, this means that you can take advantage of one of the best pieces of software on the market without shelling out the extortionate price tag that’s attached.

Note: If you want to download fraps use the button above don’t click on the ads that are showing on this website , and try to close your internet connection while Fraps it’s installing because you can blacklist the license code , after you install it you will have no problem to update it .

How To Download And Install It ?

  1. Click on the button above to start the download of Fraps Crack (After you click on the button the download will start automatically)
  2. The 2nd step you need to do it’s to unzip the archive , you can use any software you can to unzip it , you can use Winrar if you don’t any other alternative .
  3. After that you need to install fraps by double clicking on the Setup.exe file
  4. Now you have installed Fraps and you have a shortcut on desktop , go to the Fraps+Crack Folder and copy the crack and paste it to the installation folder
  5. Start it and copy the serial key from the readme.txt file after you are done !
  6. You can also update everytime you want Fraps because this crack works for ever .